KULApp (now Quivr)

In September 2012, I started studying Engineering at the KU Leuven. Unfortunately my schedule was a real mess (it was not filtered by groups), and the website of the university was extremely slow, not user-friendly and most important of all: not mobile. So I decided to quickly make a little tool just for myself, named KULCheck.

After some ‘hacking’ of the university’s website, I could login automatically using a program and fetch my schedule. I then applied a custom filter so only the lessons which I had to go to would remain. Finally, I made a program which automatically added these lessons to my calendar on my iPhone. It worked great, and I never checked the university’s website again.

Some months later, in March 2013, I read about a hackathon which would take place in my university. It was a great opportunity to make the tool available to more students and make it more user-friendly. I messaged an old-school friend Boris and he immediately joined the team together with my neighbour Joris (both engineering students). We won the prize for the best GUI, which motivated us to continue working on our project, from now on called KULApp.

To launch our project KULApp, we made an introduction video which is still available on YouTube: