Quivr (Start-Academy 2014)

In 2014, I won together with my team the first prize in the Belgian business competition Start-Academy (start-academy.be) for Quivr (quivr.be), the successor of KULApp. In this competition, 107 teams tried to prove a professional jury that their idea would make it as a real business. After competing in three different rounds, we won the finals, receiving compliments of the jury for our outstanding business plan. We received 15.000 euro in the form of consultancy advice (ING, Deloitte, Linklaters, Leuven.Inc and Gimv) and 2.250 euro cash to get our business started.

Quivr is a mobile application which helps students improving their daily organisation, available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web. Students can check their schedule (and of their friends), occupancy of the public libraries, the menu of student restaurants, and much more.